Forging press JH31 series closed of hot die forging presses

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JH31 series closed hot die forging press

This press is an ideal model of forging industry in recent years, mainly used in the hot forging process of small and medium parts, and also can be used in the forging of connecting rods, gears, bearing rings and other parts. The machine is equipped with special upper and lower material returning devices, which can meet the forging process requirements. The equipment adopts steel plate welding structure, and tempering treatment, which has strong rigidity, no deformation. The equipment adopts steel helical gear for rotation, which has stable operation, low noise, and is not easy to damage gear. The imported hydraulic overload protection device is safe and reliable. Once the car is jammed, the oil in the cylinder can be removed by unscrewing the screw plug on the unloading valve, which is time-saving and convenient. The equipment has fast stroke speed, which reduces the contact time of the forgings and dies, thus improving the service life and working efficiency of the dies. A feeding port is arranged on the side of the machine body, which is more convenient for entering and leaving process of forgings. Italian pneumatic dry friction clutch is controlled by double valve, which has smooth movement and low noise. The lubrication system is equipped with manual, mechanical and automatic thick oil or thin oil lubrication according to the user requirements. The electric control system is controlled by ordinary relay and PLC appliance for you to choose.

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